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After over a decade of working in the mortgage industry, Dustin has seen the ups and the downs up close. Most importantly, he has seen how those ups and downs affect people like you.

The mortgage industry is currently in the middle of a major transition period, where poor service, advice and lending habits have brought the industry into a rare period of change and transformation. Dustin has seen the silver lining in this- that the act of disruption is also an opportunity to learn, that here before him was a situation that could lead to efficiencies in the home loan process. What comes to mind when you think about home loans? The current process to secure them is often described as “invasive, tiresome, unsuccessful.”

We can change this.

Consumer Connect is Dustin’s personal mission to speak with 2,000 consumers over 2017. He wants to get personal with you, and learn more about when you have been let down, when you have been helped, what has worked and what has not.

If you join us on this communication channel, we can use your feedback to learn more about consumer pain points, potential added value, and begin to pioneer change industry wide.

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