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Dustin DiMisa’s Consumer Connect

Our CEO’s mission to speak with 2000 past customers in 2017

Dustin DiMisa is the CEO of Veterans Community Home Loans. Through his career, and more recently, he has noticed a major disconnect between the consumers who need mortgages, and the (typically) massive institutions that provide them. The process is slow, complicated and invasive. As Veterans Community Home Loans has grown, Dustin wanted to create a landline to customers so he could learn about the struggles they face. The goal is to build a more accommodating, understanding and stress free environment that facilitates positive growth and achievement for consumers.

Dustin DiMisa wants to change the way we think about money. By beginning a nationwide conversation with those who experience the problems first-hand, Dustin is bringing Veterans Community Home Loans to the forefront of consumer fulfillment in the mortgage industry.

Springing this plan into motion, Dustin has made it his goal to personally contact 2,000 consumers over the next year. By having personal and frank conversations about their experience with Veterans Community Home Loans, and their future financial goals, Dustin DiMisa can better understand how to improve our company and the mortgage industry as a whole.


Dustin DiMisa and Intercontinental Capital Group, Inc. Expand Services in Charlotte, NC

Dustin DiMisa, founder and CEO of Intercontinental Capital Group, Inc., recently announced plans to expand ICG’s services into a new area. After careful consideration, DiMisa’s narrowed down his choices for ICG’s new headquarters to three cities: Indianapolis, Indiana; Richmond, Virginia; and Charlotte, North Carolina. In the end, he selected Charlotte as the home for his […]


Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV)

As of early 2021, mortgage rates remain at historic lows. While some current homeowners continue to face challenging financial burdens due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, those low interest rates coupled with many employers’ recent switches to full-time remote work have been driving housing markets in surprising places. For those who remain financially stable despite […]


COVID Mortgage Forbearance Has Been Extended

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Updates on COVID-19 Assistance and Services

ALERT FOR NEW YORK BORROWERS In accordance with Executive Order No. 202.9 and Emergency Regulation 3 NYCRR Part 119, we are offering residential mortgage loan forbearance for up to 90 days to New York residents for mortgage loans secured by property located in New York. The forbearance will be available to borrowers who demonstrate financial […]


Dustin DiMisa’s Mission

After over a decade of working in the mortgage industry, Dustin has seen the ups and the downs up close. Most importantly, he has seen how those ups and downs affect people like you. The mortgage industry is currently in the middle …



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Dustin DiMisa is the CEO of Veterans Community Home Loans.